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The Temple Shalom Einstein Library Catalog is Online!

This link goes to the Profile page, to see the book catalog hit the Books tab. It shows a list of all of our books that have been entered into the catalog. You can change the view from a list view to showing covers (see image below) by hitting the Covers button.

In the List view there are different options for how they are sorted; by TitleAuthor, Date of Publication, Tags (subject), and the date they were entered into the catalog — which is the default setting. Clicking/tapping on the title will take you to the book’s info page. Tapping on Author will show all the books by that author that are listed on the entire site, not just those in our library.

In Cover view you can change the number of covers shown, and their size. Not all the covers are accurate to our copies, and for some no cover image was available. Tapping on a cover will open a window with basic info about that book.

The button to the right of the Covers button has a drop-down menu that lets you see different lists starting with the Tags, or by Author, etc., tapping on these items will show all the books in our library.

The Charts & Graphs tab is for the number nerds who want to see statistics of about the books in our collection.

Lastly, on the right side there is a small window that says ‘Search this library’, which (you guessed it) lets you search our library, it has a drop-down menu with different options. Above this there is a larger search window for the whole site, not just our library.

That’s the basics of our LibraryThing catalog. If you have any reviews for any of our books, or suggestions for expanding or correcting the listings, let us know.

Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784