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Temple Committees

Temple Shalom would like to acknowledge the hard work of its Committee Chairs and the congregational members who serve on each of its committees which are set-out in the Temple By-Laws or organized as ad hoc committees as the need may arise.

Committee Committee Chair Description of Committee
Budget & Finance Carolyn Geiser

The committee shall meet monthly to review and approve the financial report to be presented to the Board. The committee is to make a detailed estimate of the income and expenses for the next fiscal year and to submit an annual budget for that year to the Board of Directors no later than the April meeting of the Board of Directors preceding that year.

Building & Grounds Rich Lieber

To keep the building and property of the Congregation in good order and repair, and to hire such personnel as is necessary for the proper maintenance of the buildings and property. The committee shall have jurisdiction over any additions or changes to the interior or exterior of the building and surrounding property including, but not limited to, infrastructure and physical security.

Bylaws Daniel Schnee The By-Laws Committee shall be responsible for receiving suggestions for By-Laws revisions from Members or from the Board of Directors, shall attend to the proper wording of proposed amendments, shall from time to time propose changes designed to clarify the By-Laws, and shall bring such proposed changes before the Board of Directors for its consideration and possible recommendation to the Congregation.
Cemetery Lisa Benhammou-Osur (Administrative)
Rebecca Neff (Operations)

To draw up and administer policies governing the use and maintenance of the cemetery and governing the disposition of the cemetery funds.

Education David Weiss

It shall be the duty of the Education Committee to:

(a) In cooperation with the Rabbi and Director of the school, to make all regulations necessary for the government of the school, including employment of teachers and other employees, expenditures of the religious school funds, and adoption of the course of study within limits described by the Board of Directors.

(b) In cooperation with the Rabbi, plan and administer a program of adult Jewish learning. 

Fundraising & Endowment

Lin Kaplan

It shall be the duty of the Fund Raising and Endowment Committee to:

(a) provide for such functions as may from time to time be required to raise needed funds which have not been raised through dues or other revenue;

(b) coordinate and conduct the solicitations of funds for the physical needs of the Congregation;

(c) establish and promote programs to obtain funds for endowments by all suitable means, including planned giving, and to supervise, manage, and allow for the disbursement of endowment funds in accordance with the financial policies approved by the Board of Directors.

Membership Denise 'Denny' Elston & Elayna Rathmann

To demonstrate value of a Temple Shalom membership and create engagement opportunities for members. Additionally, the committee may welcome visitors and un-affiliated residents in their homes, at Services, and at other Congregational functions and to secure the affiliation with the Congregation of all persons eligible to join.

Nominating David Weiss

The Nominating Committee shall be charged with the following responsibilities:

(a) Determine the number of directorships open for election, (b) Structure the ballot, (c) Nominate no less than one candidate for each Director and Officer to be elected, (d) Recommend its nominees for the Annual Meeting of the Congregation, and (e) Supervise and administrate the elections.

Personnel Daniel Schnee The Personnel Committee shall be responsible for interviewing, and making recommendations concerning hiring and dismissal of all personnel other than rabbis and cantors, subject to approval of the Board of Directors. It shall review the performance of personnel including the Rabbi(s) and Cantor(s) at least annually and report to the Board of Directors.

Beth Byer (Events)
Joan Mullens (Films)
Judy Oppenheim (to BoD)

Coordinate the planning and implementation of Temple events, especially events that encompass a variety of interests.

Public Relations [open] with Jordana Land To keep the general public informed via the media of important activities within the Temple and the Jewish community. Further, to provide adequate publicity for events sponsored by the Congregation.
Religious Practices Debby Patz &
Judy Carnick

The Religious Practices Committee, in cooperation with the Rabbi shall consider and make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning rituals, observances, and arrangements for worship service. It shall also promote such practices for the home, designed to enhance the value of Jewish living.

Social Action & Welfare Judy Carnick &
Roberta Huttner

Kulanu is Hebrew for "all of us". This Board created committee is charged with contributing to the development of community at Temple Shalom that includes and embraces people with special needs into the fullness of Jewish life in our congregation.

Social Action & Welfare is charged to study current social problems which might require or be ameliorated by action of the Congregation; and, if in the committee’s judgment this is appropriate, suggest action to the Board and its membership. Further, to be concerned with the material welfare of needy congregants and, where necessary, other Jewish persons; and subject to Board approval, draw up policies for dealing with such problems, and to coordinate its activities with other existing welfare agencies.

Youth Activities Parents Ezra Hurwitz
David Weiss
To draw up, subject to Board approval, policies for all aspects of the Congregation’s youth program, and to administer that program.


To learn more about participating on a committee, contact the committee chair or the Board President.

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