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High Holy Day Guest Registration

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Shalom and L’Shanah Tova!  Welcome to the High Holy Days at Temple Shalom!  We are delighted that you are joining us for services or with live streaming on our Temple Shalom website. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our Services secure.
Seats may be available in the sanctuary at Temple Shalom for these High Holy Days.  To request a Guest seat, please use the appropriate area below to indicate what date you wish to attend. Click here for a schedule.

As we come together during the holiest time of the year, I encourage you to donate to Temple Shalom.  Suggested minimum donation amounts are:

  • Individuals 30 and Under, Students, Military:  $36
  • Households 31 - 35 years old:  $54
  • Households 36+ years old:  $180

Please consider joining membership at Temple Shalom.  Should you decide to become a member before October 30th this donation will be applied to your first year’s membership dues.  We host our New Member Shabbat in early November and would like to invite you! Call me at the Temple Office 719-634-5311 with any questions or email

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Temple ShalomKtivah V’chatima Tova – may you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.

Elayna Rathmann, Executive Director


Please type in everyone's name, first & last, (including person filling out the form) in your party. Reminder that everyone 18 years and older must submit their Photo ID (i.e., drivers' license) in the field below.

If you've never been to Temple Shalom before, or not a member, and are 18 years old or older, please drop a picture of your Photo ID (i.e., drivers' license) into this field.

   Under 30Individuals 30 and Under, Students, Military: $36
Households: $54
Households: $180

Click the picture for a 5783 schedule.
Guest tickets will be assigned September 5th and tickets will need to be picked up in the office September 14 - 16, 2021, or by appointment, during office hours.

No walk-ins will be permitted this year due to our Temple Shalom safety protocols.

Sun, September 25 2022 29 Elul 5782