Sons of Israel Cemetery was established in January 1903 by members of the Sons of Israel Association. The cemetery was incorporated and dedicated as an Orthodox Jewish cemetery under the direction of its initial trustees: Isaac Cahn, Max Safron, Benjamin Rosenberg, M. Behrman and A. Wasserstrom.

In 1975, Sons of Israel Cemetery became the property of Temple Shalom. Today, Sons of Israel Cemetery remains owned and maintained by Temple Shalom and is governed by the Temple's Cemetery Committee and By-Laws. Sons of Israel Cemetery is open to all Jews (born or by conversion).

Sons of Israel Cemetery is located behind city-owned Evergreen Cemetery: 1005 Hancock Expy., Colorado Springs, CO  80903. Enter through the Evergreen Cemetery main gate and follow the Sons of Israel signs.

Plot Pricing at Sons of Israel

Member Status Plot Price  Perpetual Care Total Price
Temple Shalom Member $1,000 $250 $1,250
Non-Member $1,500 $250 $1,750

Perpetual care is required and is broken out for comparative purposes.


For information, including the purchase of plots and burial traditions, contact the Temple Office.

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