The families of our Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrants have several options as members of our congregation.  The culture in our shul is to have your B'nai Mitzvah on a Saturday morning.  Being that we are dually affiliated and dually+ represented in our congregation, means that our families have the option to have a Conservative OR Reform Bar/Bat Mitzvah on Saturday morning. Friday night is also available as an option and this past year we honored the request of a family to hold a Saturday afternoon service.

I am proud that our shul provides options for families to decide what is most meaningful to them.  The family has several options within our structure to honor their child who has spent 8+years studying in our schools.  I appreciate that we are not a cookie cutter organization.  As do most Synagogues, Temple Shalom allows the child to shine and to have the honor of reading the Torah and Haftarah in a service format of their choosing.


Elayna Rathman
Executive Director