There are many ways to get involved and support Temple Shalom.  Sponsoring a Friday Night Oneg is a great way.

Everything you Need to Know

  • Oneg follows Friday night Shabbat services. Friday night services start at 7:30 pm, except for the second Friday of the month when Family Service starts at 6:00pm. Check the Temple Calendar for specific dates. 
  • Hosts are needed for all Onegs except when a religious school class is sponsoring one of the Family Services. For most Onegs, you can expect 20-30 people. There may be more people if there is a special event. Check the calendar or ask Temple staff if there is a special event.
  • Oneg can be hosted by one person, by a family, or by a group of people. You can host Oneg in honor of a special event (birthday, anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah) or just because.
  • The Oneg Host can choose what to serve. Typically people provide a few types of baked goods (either homemade or store-bought). Sometimes there is fruit, cheese and crackers, and other snack items. Please bring only parve or dairy items.
  • Here are some examples of what different people have brought for Oneg:
    • A pan of brownies, 2-3 dozen cookies, and strawberries
    • Cubed cheese, crackers, nuts, grapes, and coffee cake
    • A loaf of banana bread, 2-3 dozen cookies, a fruit tray
    • A quarter sheet cake to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. Ice cream optional.
    • A fruit tray, 2-3 dozen cookies, pretzels
  • The cost of Oneg ranges from less than $20 for ingredients to over $50 for store bought trays and items. You can customize Oneg to fit most budgets. Another way to reduce cost is to co-host Oneg with another family.
  • Additional information about purchasing food for Oneg is available from the Temple staff
  • The challah, wine, and coffee are prepared by the Temple caretaker, so the Oneg Host does not need to worry about these items.
  • The Oneg Host can arrive 15 minutes before Friday evening services to set food up, or set food up quietly during the service. Trays, doilies, and serving dishes are available in the dairy (upstairs) kitchen.
  • After Oneg, the Oneg Host is responsible for making sure all trash has been thrown away and that all dishes are emptied of food and placed next to or in the sink. The caretaker will wash the dishes. Usually congregation members will help clean up.
  • To sponsor an upcoming Oneg or to ask questions about hosting Oneg, please contact the Temple Office.
  • If you are unable to prepare or purchase food, but would like to donate money to sponsor an Oneg, you may also contact the Temple Office.